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Peter Johannes Schmidt
Science, Engineering and Technology
Blessed to have travelled to many places

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About Me

Hello there and thanks for coming to my site.

I’m a Jesus Christ lover and follower.

I’m also an all-round user and lover of science, engineering and technology.

More specifically I am a craftsman who has been known to toy around with in no particular order HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, React-Native, VueJS, C++, Go, Elixir, Python – Pyramid & Django, RabbitMQ, Ruby, Rust, Scala, TeX, Bash, Docker, K8S, i18n, l10n, C#, MongoDB, MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, AWS, GCP, Heroku or whatever needs doing, whether it’s teaching robots to play soccer, building full stack for massive websites supporting hundreds of thousands of students and teachers, empowering developers with better tools and visualisations, helping small businesses beat cashflow issues or wherever you can find me in the real world and convince me there is something worth doing of benefit to humanity.

I also enjoy xkcd, Garfield, The Oatmeal and a whole stack of things TWiT.