So, about this Googler’s manifesto – top highlight on engineering

Essentially, engineering is all about cooperation, collaboration, and empathy for both your colleagues and your customers.

I couldn’t have said it better myself and I’ve personally quoted this in at least two conversations over the past month.

Please click through for the full context, it’s a great read:


River of thoughts

I feel like Pierre de Fermat I imagine might have felt when writing his famed last theorem this morning – a river of thoughts that just keep coming, so writing them down in the margins of my Evernote and will dribble them out over time.

Happy to let others prove them if they so desire to, but that’s not my concern with my 24 hours in each day.

Partly inspired by this great read from my childhood – Simon Singh – Fermat’s Last Theorem.

“I’m not interested” – This totally made my day

Please read this, it says it better than I ever will be able to:


Now if for some reason you didn’t click through, can I please encourage you to scroll up and follow that link ^_^. Do it. For you.


And do it for everyone else in our society too, reprogramming society away from patriarchy towards genuine equality will take conscious effort. For example, the glass ceiling is real, but I also think it’s a problem we can choose to solve as members of society.

My words are not important here, but as it is my blog, I can place them here just in case a fellow INTJ or one of similar mind desires to know, for some reason I can’t yet fathom.

In Math, I’d say something like:

“I’m not interested” > “I have a BF/GF/significant other”.

The very fact that I need to pick an order to GF/BF/… and choose phrases like significant other over say partner in crime is itself bias. It’s a shame I sometimes hide behind the alphabet here.

I love that that Wikipedia currently has as it’s current heading “This article may be too technical for most readers to understand”, but I’m also saddened by the fact that it means most readers may never understand it. My experience of learning inequalities in Year 7 was two weeks of metaphorically bashing my brain against the wall, finally “getting it” enough to go on to amazing things. Things like coming first in NSW in Year 11 Mathematics and spending 5 years working with Mathspace. But I still make mistakes with inequalities even today.

Now to return to the article’s intent that made my day so awesome, I could be selfish and claim that in said miscommunication I even had that thought in one of my drafts (not that I can prove it except in my own mind), and stripped it out of the message in the interests of compression. But irrespective of truth that should be interpreted as pointless point scoring, so I’m going to self-pwn my mistake, admit that it was the wrong compression, and be glad I made it so I could learn from it and forever more just say and hope to influence others to say “I’m not interested”.

Simon Peyton-Jones and John Hughes – It’s Raining Haskell, QuickCheck and Fuzzing