REMIX11 Sydney Highlights

Vaughan Knight “Game on with HTML5” was IMHO the star with this gem of JavaScript (serendipitously discovered of course):

while (zombies) {

He demoed how easy it is to use HTML5 game development frameworks to build cool stuff, and fast too.

Russ Weakley “CSS3 is everything we used to do wrong?” of Max Design gave a very solid presentation on how much he loves CSS3, how it’s another powerful tool for the arsenal (but like all tools – there are the right times and the wrong times to use it), the importance of object-oriented CSS and knowing CSS2.1 thoroughly before a deep-dive into CSS3, and how to make a site’s CSS more faster and more maintainable through resets, frameworks and other neat tips.

Aaron Powell “Chasing the evolving web: things you need to know to be a web developer” explained with live code demos how to actually use JavaScript’s this in different contexts (something like that featured here):

var x = 10;
var o = { x : 15 };

(function f(){           // self invoking function f

f();                     // Global variable x, “foo”, “bar”); // Takes any number of additional args
f.apply(o, [“bar”]);     // Must have array as 2nd parameter

And other little titbits like how CoffeeScript compiles to JavaScript and how JavaScript functions can be polymorphic in that they can rewrite themselves from inside.

Speakers here if you’re looking for more info.

I’d definitely recommend REMIX to anyone looking at the future of web development…now how to make it to Melbourne next year?

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