Why I used my house deposit to pay off my HECS-HELP loan

“Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it.” – Albert Einstein So I tweeted this, and followed through today with the largest B-Pay I’ve ever made. Should be confirmed debt-free by the end of the week, at the cost of my house deposit. […]

Goodbye Holden: Let the dominoes fall so we can focus on innovating

From General Motors, as reported by MacroBusiness and many others, Holden is finally leaving in 2017. I’d love to rant more about subsidising an unprofitable industry to the tune of $1.9 billion dollars annually, but we’ve been given a gift. The gift of certainty. Jonathan Pincus, a former senior advisor to the Productivity Commission reckons […]

Awesome Six Dogs Comment & Sydney Housing = Insane, Crisis, Ponzi

Disclaimer: As always, you seek professional financial advice (not listen to my speculative rant) before doing something like taking out a 30+ year mortgage, investing in any Australian or international stock market, or any other thing that could lose (or if you’re lucky make) you a lot of money. No one knows the future of […]

Graduation Congratulations!

A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to everyone from UNSW who graduated with me tonight – in no particular order – Shaun Ester, Aditya Keswani, Alexei Doudkine, Stephanie Sandoval, Sean Charles Harris, Kun (Kevin) Liu, Alexander Eduardo Newski Rincon and Anoop Jayesh Mehta. And to anyone I’ve accidentally overlooked, or who’s graduated at another time, congratulations to you […]


There are times I just love my job at mathspace. Naturally being a recent graduate I have limited real-world experience, but I just can’t imagine many other places I’d be cross referencing the output of a computational knowledge engine, something at which Google/Bing fare poorly, with the most efficient StackOverflow implementations for finding (relatively small […]

One knows he/she is trying too hard when they feel bad about having to reject some brilliant job offers…

Just felt like saying it, because I am really torn up inside and will be for a while. I just didn’t expect it and it’s really hard to have to say no to cool and brilliant ideas and executions thus far. Talk about crazy…miss 4 grad programs mostly in the final interview(s) stage. My first […]