Is there enough informational energy in the solar system to crack a 128-bit AES key by brute force?

I love Wikipedia, I wish I had the time to just roam through its myriad pages and topics for eternity. Life demands more, so when I make the time to take the opportunity, I do relish it greatly. Specifically, let’s start to break down this question posted on an IRC channel some time back: […]

Final take on storing passwords as plaintext – and why I don’t plan to switch

TLDR: The community demanded a fix, and have fixed the issue, and without to the best of our knowledge disclosing any personal information or customer passwords to any third parties*. * Yes your email provider will know, and possibly some routers your traffic passed through (such as your ISPs). Change your password now and it’s minor problem solved. — Security […]


To So I’ve decided it’s high time to finally move off Blogger onto something more powerful and customisable. Normally I’d take the time to consider a large number of competitors in the industry, you know – evaluate different solutions for their strengths and weaknesses. But since it’s basically just for me, I planned well […]

Chrome to Phone is awesome

Soooo fast, and cool! More details via the official Google Blog: Starting to get a little scared though, if Froyo is the requirement, hopefully Gingerbread/Honeycomb don’t become requirements too soon for these new features (or HTC and Telstra update more frequently). Still this was heartening: