Graduation Congratulations!

A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to everyone from UNSW who graduated with me tonight – in no particular order – Shaun Ester, Aditya Keswani, Alexei Doudkine, Stephanie Sandoval, Sean Charles Harris, Kun (Kevin) Liu, Alexander Eduardo Newski Rincon and Anoop Jayesh Mehta. And to anyone I’ve accidentally overlooked, or who’s graduated at another time, congratulations to you […]


There are times I just love my job at mathspace. Naturally being a recent graduate I have limited real-world experience, but I just can’t imagine many other places I’d be cross referencing the output of a computational knowledge engine, something at which Google/Bing fare poorly, with the most efficient StackOverflow implementations for finding (relatively small […]

One knows he/she is trying too hard when they feel bad about having to reject some brilliant job offers…

Just felt like saying it, because I am really torn up inside and will be for a while. I just didn’t expect it and it’s really hard to have to say no to cool and brilliant ideas and executions thus far. Talk about crazy…miss 4 grad programs mostly in the final interview(s) stage. My first […]

Is there enough informational energy in the solar system to crack a 128-bit AES key by brute force?

I love Wikipedia, I wish I had the time to just roam through its myriad pages and topics for eternity. Life demands more, so when I make the time to take the opportunity, I do relish it greatly. Specifically, let’s start to break down this question posted on an IRC channel some time back: […]

Final take on storing passwords as plaintext – and why I don’t plan to switch

TLDR: The community demanded a fix, and have fixed the issue, and without to the best of our knowledge disclosing any personal information or customer passwords to any third parties*. * Yes your email provider will know, and possibly some routers your traffic passed through (such as your ISPs). Change your password now and it’s minor problem solved. — Security […]